We Have a Large Office Space Solution for Your Team

If you’ve been trying to find a flexible large office space in Charleston to accommodate the needs of your large or growing team, we’ve got you covered at Venture X Charleston-GARCo Mill. Our office space for businesses includes private office solutions that stand out from traditional offerings, thanks in large part to our flexibility and ability to respond to the changing needs of large and growing teams – with no long-term contracts and simple lease terms.

We have experience helping diverse businesses find the solutions that fit their team’s space needs. A credit to the thoughtful way we build out our locations and the way our space is configured, we are able to suggest linking two, three, or more private offices together to accommodate a team within a business that needs to be in the same physical location but not necessarily in the same room – ideal for a group that’s already formed or one that anticipates immediate or short- or midterm growth.

These solutions are also a great idea for businesses with remote teams in proximate physical locations that need a flexible option throughout a month or over the course of a year.

How Our Private Office Solutions Work for Large Teams

So, when we say flexible configuration office spaces in terms of private office space for rent, what do we mean? For example, a team of seven or eight people might be looking for a large office space to fit their needs.

Rather than a large box room that other outdated coworking spaces might put them in, we might suggest that this team rent three 4-person offices, in which a manager sits with two employees in one, with room for a spare desk or a table, and the remaining four or five people split to take the two other similar-sized offices that are adjacent to one another. 

This team is now nearby physically but can get their work done separately, with the additional ability to spread out throughout the day and be prepared for the next hire to smoothly settle in without constant readjustment and musical chairs.

And on top of that, these members now have full access to the broader community for networking and full access to conference and meeting rooms if they need them on demand. 

Our on-site staff is well trained to consultatively work on these kinds of flexible configurations with individuals and businesses, from freelancers and startups to small and midsize businesses all the way through full enterprises, so if any of these sounds like you, we hope you’ll consider booking a tour or scheduling a visit with us.

Why Choose Venture X’s Office Space for Businesses

We offer a wide range of memberships, from a community option to shared desks and private offices of different shapes and sizes. With our years of experience, we know that all private and individual office space are not alike.

While other traditional shared space options can only offer a one-size-fits-all box with a door, we can help you find the luxurious, professional space – or spaces – that fit your unique needs.

One of the many benefits of working with Venture X is that we offer turnkey solutions with flexible lease terms and no long-term contracts. We are able to respond to the changing needs of our members when they require an adjustment to their membership and have a variety of large office space office options for you to choose from based on how you plan to use your space.

Our skilled, hospitality-trained staff can walk you through the various configurations that will fit your needs today and in the future, and we’re also always ready to help you reassess them as your team and business grow and expand.

What you get with a private office at Venture X:

●      A desk, an ergonomic chair, and a locking door

●      Insulated walls for privacy

●      Frosted glass panels to allow both natural light and privacy

●      24/7 access

●      Printing, copying, scanning, and shredding services

●      Access to meeting and conference rooms

●      Full community access

●      Inclusion in member events and the ability to host your own

●      All other amenities

If you’re interested in learning more about our large office space options, please contact us today to schedule a tour or learn more.